"Flippin your fins you don't get too far. Legs are required for jumping, dancing..."

Today is the day! We're heading out on the road.
To get ready for our magical adventure, I became a mermaid.
If anyone needs me, I'll be mermaiding my way to the beach.


"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it."

It's 109 degrees outside, and little beads of condensation are trickling down the outside of the water bottle in the cupholder. The van is packed up neatly and all that's left is the last part of the drive. I un-pretzel my legs to stretch them out and take in the amount of space we have.

There is a surprising amount of storage in here, considering we have a full size bed in the van with us. Oh right, that's because Logan spent the last week building us a custom frame to fit perfectly inside our trunk.  He's an amazing handyman.

I glance back at our cargo, in awe of the adventure we are about to embark on. Everything is folded up but I can see a corner of our brightly tie dyed sheet sticking out and gently moving to the rhythm of the car, as if it's waving to us. Signaling its approval of this next chapter in our lives.

Evangeline is happily eating snacks in her carseat and as I look out the window next to her I can see the city has faded away now and there are trees on either side of us. I feel my next breath come a little deeper, a little more content.

After awhile our van slows as we reach the campsites and turn off the main road. We drive carefully through the area, looking for the best place to camp. The prettiest place. I prefer lots of trees.
Picnic tables, firepits- this is going to be our life soon. Tonight is a trial run for our new setup, and we're only a couple hours from home.

We pull into a spot and park, and I catch Logan's eye. If tonight goes well, we're leaving. Home is going to be the road, and we intend to enjoy it. Together, we start the setup. Unfolding the bed goes smoothly and I'm starting to get excited about our traveling future. Tonight is the real test but I'm feeling confident this is all going to work. Evangeline excitedly climbs all over the bed, exploring her new terrain. Soon we both join her, tickling her and listening to her happy laughing shrieks. It's the best sound I've ever heard.

The world is ours... Or at least, everywhere we can drive to.


"Where would we walk? Where would we run, if we could stay all day in the sun..."

The funny thing about having a blog is that when you're not blogging, you feel like no one else is blogging either. Like, I'm not missing anything over here, no one has time for that right now.  When I finally do have a second to try to play catch up I realize that in reality, that was me just thinking the blogosphere revolves around me. In actuality, I've missed out on lots of things happening with my bloggy friends in their lives! So sad. In an effort to try and read everything and get up to date, I then lose my window for updating myself, and here I find myself- behind on everything. Ha ha.

Quick recap since my last post. Starting with a picture of this gorgeous babe.

In February we took a trip to Bryce Canyon with some of my siblings and their kids.
 We went on a really long hike and had a good time.

 It's so pretty there. Evangeline pretty much slept in the backpack the whole time. ha ha.

We also took them over to Snow Canyon by our house and hung out.

It's fun to have people visit, we had a great time with everyone.

Evangeline the adorable is our little explorer. She is always wanting to go play outside.

We introduced her to the swings and she was giggling and loving it.

In March we went to a St. Patrick's Day party up at my parent's house with this little leprechaun.

We also went to Las Vegas to go to a pirate festival with Logan's sister and her family.

 Logan even held a real parrot!

In May we celebrated Mother's Day in Idaho with Logan's family. .
We got to check out their new horses and Evangeline really liked them. The friendlier one let her pet it on the nose. :) I have picture of that somewhere around here...

We've been pretty busy I suppose. This little munchkin keeps us laughing nonstop. She so sweet but she definitely has her mischievous side. We often catch her doing something she's not supposed to because she's saying "no no no!" as she does it. She especially loves dumping out water and splashing in it while singing "No-no-no!" in a sing-songy voice because she knows she's not supposed to. It's too funny to scold her. We're doomed.

She's the funniest little person ever. She's also a chatterbox, and talks all the time.

I was playing with her a couple months ago and she was trying to show me her belly button. She realized that once she let go of her chubby belly, she couldn't see her button anymore. She looked and looked and said "where'd it go?" in a confused tone. Ha ha ha.

She calls most disney girls either Anna (from Frozen) or "mer-mee" (mermaid), and sings Ariel's "ahhh" song all the time in the sweetest way.

She loves Frosty the Snowman and requests to watch that a lot, and when she wakes up lately she rolls over first thing and requests Logan to sing her "Rodgies." (Mr. Roger's.) Cutie.

A couple weeks ago on my birthday she told me happy birthday and later told me she loved me. Melt my heart, kid.

We went to Las Vegas and rode the gondola in Venice. Our gondolier sang me happy birthday in Italian, and sang Evangeline a few songs like Twinkle Twinkle. She loved it.

She even ate my birthday cheesecake for me. Ha ha.

Okay, now that we're mostly caught up...we're planning on going on the road for awhile. It's so hot in St. George this summer that we're all melting over here, and Evangeline is getting cooped up because I can't let her outside for very long before she overheats. She was walking the other day and tripped, and when she tried pushing herself back up she burned her little hands on the hot sidewalk. Poor little  thing. It was the worst.

So, I've been trying to keep her entertained indoors most of the time now.

We drove up to Cedar Canyon last week to camp out and escape some of the heat. It was a hit. Evangeline was all over the place exploring the campground. The world is her playground, just as it should be.
We took this picture right before we left in the morning. I told her to say cheese and she did at first but then switched it to say "yaaaaay!"

 I've been planning our first trip. So far we're going up to Oregon, Seattle, Canada, and swinging around to The Redwoods and San Francisco before circling back home. It's going to be quite the trip, but i've been finding cool things to see in each place so I'm getting excited.

Life is taking us on the road. Adventure awaits! I hope everyone else is having a spectacular summer as well! Stay cool my friends. :)


Birthdays and Valentines

Evangeline turned 1 yesterday. ONE!! I can't even believe it. This year has gone by in a blink, yet it feels like she's been here forever. She's the sweetest, smartest little girl, I love her so much.

Because she's a princess (obviously) I built her a princess castle for her birthday.

We had a fun day, and she got sung to a million times. ha ha.

She's the best.
Every day since she's been born has been sweeter and better than we ever imagined.

In related news, happy love month everyone!

With love, from us and our own little cupid :)


"Happy holidays...happy holidays..."

Tap Tap. Ahem....is this thing on? He- hello? Thanks for coming out to the blog tonight, it's good to see you guys again!

I was just getting on my computer to look for something, and this page was up. Suddenly I remembered, "oh! I have a blog!"
Don't worry, it's only been a million years since I've written. So, quick update over here....

We took a very long road trip across the country and moved to St. George, Utah!
15 states, 7,000 miles of driving, 1 month of traveling, and we were ready to move in to our new house.

We loved living in Boston, but it's just too expensive, and after a few Boston winters we were ready to be somewhere warm again! So far so good, it's been super toasty and we've had a good time.

To backtrack a little, we saw some cool stuff on our drive across the country. We visited the Rock n Roll hall of fame, stopped to see Mt. Rushmore, explored Yellowstone. Evangeline was an angel and a pro traveler. She's funny, though, so knows what she wants. When she's tired, she grabs one of our hands and presses it onto her forehead for a massage, moving it behind her ears and everything, until she's done or she falls asleep. Perhaps she's a teensy bit spoiled, but I don't mind.

I can't get over how big she's getting.

During our moving process, we stopped and played with my sisters and had a princess breakfast.

We also hung out with Logan's family for a few weeks while we were house hunting. We went on a hay ride, which Evangeline loved, and to a corn maze.

Logan played some music at a fair in Pocatello,and while Evangeline and I were exploring we came across a photography booth, so we decided to get her picture taken. She was totally hamming it up the whole time and I was laughing so hard. She's so sweet.

For actual Halloween, she dressed up as Cruella De Vil, and we were her henchmen. Doesn't she make an awesome Cruella?

She got her first 2 little bottom teeth in right after Halloween.

After much driving, house hunting, and other moving things, we finally moved into our new house!

Once we were settled in for a week or two, Melinda came to visit us. We went riding up through Zion in Gilligan, and took a little trip to Las Vegas.  Evangeline looked right at the trees around us in Zion and said "tree!" Smarty pants. She's always had a love for trees.

She seemed to really like the fountains in Vegas.

We love it when Melinda comes to visit!

So, skipping ahead a little, we celebrated our first Thanksgiving with Evangeline. Logan made homemade cracker barrel biscuits and she went crazy over one. It was super cute.
We've put up the Christmas decorations and made our house festive. It's amazing how having our little one here has taken all the scrooginess out of me. :)

I made this :)

sometimes our outtakes are awesome
And just for the cuteness factor:

our cute little kringle
In the midst of all this Christmas stuff, Evangeline turned 10 months old.

(Uh...it's December outside and she's wearing this because it's like, 70 degrees out. Have I mentioned how much i LOVE how warm it is?)

Happy 10 months to our little Evangeline! She can say mom, dada, papa, duck, tree, hi with a big wave, (she makes the sounds for hohoho, quack, pretty, and all done- though she hasn't mastered the words yet), she loves music and is always dancing to it, she has a fascination with balloons, books, and lately she's been trying to scare us with a hilarious "scary" face and a monster shriek that turns into boisterous giggles. She made that up on her own and it's the best thing ever. 

So now we're just counting down to Christmas! We went to Las Vegas for a couple days earlier this week to see Santa Claus. 

Evangeline seemed to be okay with ol' St. Nick. 

I guess that about wraps things up over here. Happy Holidays, everyone!