Maternity pictures :)

Happy December! This year has seriously flown by. Also, I'm 8 weeks away from baby girl's due date today! 8 weeks! 2 months! So crazy. Logan had a long weekend this past weekend so I had him take some baby bump pictures for me.

Um, so, here are a handful. :)

This picture cracks me up because it accidentally turned out totally 80's family portrait style

Anyway, things are going really well. This little girl has gotten significantly stronger and it's fun to feel her squirming around in there. Also, my tummy changes shape in the weirdest ways now when she's trying to get comfortable. At night Logan usually sings to her or reads her a story, which she seems to love because she moves closer to his voice. It's adorable.

I think we have almost everything ready for her to get here. At least I hope so! 

Plus, sometimes Logan comes home with extra surprises. Yesterday he went shopping and came home with a soft pink sea horse light up stuffed animal that sings. When I was just about to question him, he gave me puppy dog eyes and said in his sweetest voice "baby needed this!" Ha ha. 

In other news...well, there's not much. :) It's all pretty much revolving around baby these days. We did get our Christmas tree today, so that's fun. It hasn't snowed yet so I'm excited about that, and...and....that's it. Ha ha. Happy holiday season everyone!


Lighthouses in Maine, Boston exploring, and Baby :)

Party in Boston! My sister texted me last week and asked if she could fly out a few days later to play. She's been here all week and it's been awesome.

We took a little day trip to Maine to check out the Head Light Lighthouse. It was gorgeous, you could see a few different lighthouses where we were standing...but it was oh so cooold!

We got some salt water taffy and ate dinner by a fire and headed back that night.

The rest of the week we went into Boston and did some things we missed on Melinda's last trip.

We went to Wicked Good cupcakes and tried a few. They're cute, they come in little mason jars.

We also did a few more things on the Freedom Trail, like visiting some stops from the underground railroad, visiting the museum of fine arts and the museum of the USS constitution, and Bunker Hill.

 Toward the end of the week I was a bit exhausted (I'm finding I don't quite have the energy levels I used to these days!) Melinda planned us a spa day for the next day, which was the perfect day to spend a rainy day. I got my toes painted all cute, and got a "preggy massage", ahhh.....it was so nice.

The night before Melinda left we went to the Christmas tree lighting downtown. It's 80 feet tall, and they had a big countdown with Santa and snow and music. It was super fun. They had the lights dance to the songs when they lit it, as well as the trees around it, it was really pretty.

I was sad to see Melinda go. It's always lots of fun when she's around to play.

In baby news, this little girl is bouncing off the walls in there. She is getting so big and so strong it startles me how hard she kicks sometimes. She's also spoiled rotten already. Um...I might've gotten these this week:

I can't believe we're down to 9 weeks left. She's gonna be here before I know it! I can't wait to hold my little girl. 


Cast Away: the costume

I really like Halloween. Obviously for the candy, but I like dressing up, and I think it's gonna be all that much more fun when baby is here.
That being said, I rarely know what I'm going to be until the last second. This year I wanted to incorporate the baby bump somehow but all my ideas just seemed like they'd take a lot of effort and I have suddenly jumped into fall cleaning mode so I didn't know how I'd pull any of that off. 

Finally, after much debate, I chose the easiest thing I could throw together and we got ourselves a quick homemade halloween costume that took only about as long to make as it took the paint on my shirt to dry. 

So, Happy Halloween a couple of days late! Now if you'll excuse me, there are some candy bars calling my name over here....


This blog coming to you live from....still in my bed.

Yesterday we decided to have Christmas early and buy ourselves a new king size mattress with a super cushy mattress topper. Oh. my. gosh. It's hard to say if I'll ever leave this bed today. I feel like I'm sleeping on a marshmallow.
When we went to buy it yesterday it was cold out, and then the sun went down and it got windy and freezy right when we were tying the mattress to the roof of the car and securing the box springs in the back. (and by we I really mean Logan, because let's face it, me and this belly aren't the most helpful with these sort of tasks these days).

Anyway, because it was suddenly wicked cold and looked a bit like rain, we were in a hurry and tied the ropes through the windows...without thinking to open the doors....which led to a very funny discovery when it was time to get in the car and drive away, only to find the doors were tied shut. Oops. I swear we're usually more capable in every day life, but we had a pretty funny day yesterday.

Because we'd spent so much time tying all these ropes and I was so cold, I decided I could totally heft myself up through the window. Ha. ...ha ha. My leg pretty much had to go up to my shoulder which was quite a feat as my belly was in the way, but Logan boosted me from behind and I eventually toppled inside. I'm sure it was super amusing for any bystanders who happened to see.

Oh, the adventures.

Speaking of, a couple days ago we went to Maine.

We don't really know where we're going to end up once we leave Boston, and we thought we'd check out Maine to see if we liked it. We went to Portland and wandered around and ate dinner there, and it was really pretty. Plus, we had the chattiest waitress I've ever met in my life. She was super cool. OH! and, we were right by this dock with a bunch of boats and as we were walking down the street, one of them blew its horn a couple times and it was the loudest, craziest thing ever. I had no idea boats were that loud. It was echoing all around us. Anyway, we plan to go back and check out some lighthouses and other areas, but it was a fun trip. (albeit, kind of freezing... guess that time of year is upon us.)

We finished our hypnobirthing classes this week. We couldn't make any of the regular classes because of Logan's school schedule so the lady who taught set up a new class for us and one other couple every week. That was nice because it felt like we could ask whatever we wanted and make sure everything was covered. I'm feeling tons better about having this baby now. Thank goodness. 3 months from today is baby's due date! :)


6 months along!

Woo! I'm 6 months pregnant today! Can you believe it? Time is flying by!

 To celebrate, baby gave me some swift kicks to the belly button until my adorable innie suddenly became an outtie. Thanks baby...

I feel pretty ginormous already, it's hard to imagine what this belly is going to be like in a few months!


I'm a little behind again, but it happens.

A couple weeks ago Logan got asked to play at three different places for Harvard's back-to-school event, so we got to go stroll around their part of town.

It was pretty fun. I was looking for some good stereotypes but the only two I really saw were a couple guys with sweaters ties around their shoulders and when we stopped for lunch there were people playing chess at chess tables outside the cafe.

They gave us shirts that the alumni were wearing, so now I guess we get to pretend we're Harvard graduates too. Or...Havahd.

Other than that Logan has been going to school and I've been going overboard making hats for shmoopie. I just keep seeing cute ones and it has to be done, I can't help it! Pictures to come eventually, I'm sure.

We also started our hypnobirthing classes a few days ago. They're once a week for the next 3 weeks but so far so good. It really seems like a mind-over-matter (matter = birthing pain) sort of an approach which I could definitely stand to improve on. Birthing just seems scary right now.

We had another doctor's appointment where I got to hear little baby's heart beat and my doctor told me I'm exactly at the weight I should be and my tummy is exactly the size it should be and baby is doing awesome. Yay, go baby!

On that note, we've both had to go shopping because Logan lost a bunch of weight and I've gained some. When my doctor came in she saw my stomach and said "Hey! You popped!" Ha ha. I'm not sure exactly how I accomplished that, but it must be mostly fruit because that's all baby ever wants to eat.

Also, I keep having to laugh at myself because I get winded doing basically nothing. (We were walking around Boston the other day and stopped in the Sprint store so I could get a new battery for my phone and I had to pause between like, every 3 words as I was talking to the guy because I was all out of breath. Then I started laughing about it and that made it worse.) And forgetaboutit if I attempt the stairs up to my apartment. Let's just say it's a good thing we're only on the second floor. Apparently my body hasn't quite gotten used to lugging around a few extra pounds, or baby is just getting big enough that she's taking up some of my air supply. Probably a bit of both :)

Anyway, that's all for updates for now. Happy rocktober everyone!